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  2. Comments about this video:
    He's not reaching for the gun, he's just trying to push the barrel away from him and toward the ground. I don't know how you can try to justify this kind of extra-judicial killing.
    I have seen many People that are Commenting and talking about Despair espacially those who had already left Pakistan. For all of those a Small Message that Many Pakistanis are still here and we dont Despair and we are neither Cowards to Desert our Land in the Hour of Need but rather we will stand here to Bring Change.We acknowldge our Mistakes and we will Rectify them.. We must move on like Every Nation and we are the ones who will change Pakistan as we are neither Cowards nor Quitters ,.

    you know even sialkot incident also went wrong just because cheap media hype...later both moiz and mugees were found guilty of being robbers and murderers...but no channels exposed that fact..shame on our immature bloody media!
    Video is little exaggerated when that criminal had his hand on ranger's gun(off course he was begging for his life) with fact that he was caught with a tt pistol he was telling rangers all the time that it was a fake gun and he was “ majboor” to do something ( means that he was admitting to his crime and begging for his life)...
    Every Dacoit in Pakistan when arrested give the same lame exuces that he was "Majboor" and he was commiting a crime with good intentions only. Well in Pakistani soceity it could be the reason but we cannot wieigh all people equally in this regard...Based on this rationale why not every Majboor Dacoit should be set free and let them roam around and kill anyone based on their Majboori.

    This video is a very good work done to bring truth ,this may not be a justification to kill a man ...though little exaggerated but another side of story .. but this is really true and only few people use their brains to find the reality out of media's bull shit...but shame on our media for scoring cheap hype and immature role!!
    u are rigth...may be it would be exaggerated in your view but it is my point of view and u have the right to disagree.. Actually i did mention that Rangers are ill trained and that is why they dont know what to do when someone hands them over the criminal. They are paramilitary soldiers and not ordinary police so they are not trained for law enforcement in Karachi but everyone makes use of them and then blame them as well.i dont need to debate. there is nothing that people dont know about our forces. this is the instance caught by camera how many like him must have been killed without being presented to court. Forces should get their objectives straight instead of killing people of Pakistan. . .u meant to say that it is only the forces that are crossing bounds in Pakistan. It is actually every institution of Pakistan and in general Corruption and disregard of Law is everywhere and noone cares.Before pointing fingers at others just remember they are the same people as you.Anyone who have Power abuse it so I dont see any Big thing in it. I know media Persons very well and how they Blackmail people and get money to stop publication of some news. So nothing is fair in Pakistan.3) The way Rangers and Pakistan's interior minister were trying to paint him as criminal, even going to a length saying that he was armed and was shot at in an encounter with rangers. Neither of the clips prove that he had a weapon on him or in any way present a clear threat. Mr. Desi, I understand that your feeling are hurt as it is getting a bad name for your security force, the act is inhuman and can not be justified in anyway. Its not a bad name for Pakistan, its the stain on Pakistan ranger. 2) He wasn't mortally wounded, he was shot at thigh and hand, if their intention wasn't to shoot him, and if it happen accidentally, they could have tried to rush him to hospital. A timely medical attention could have saved his life. But he was left there to bleed out and die. Completely inhuman, don't you think. He was pleading them to take him to hospital, wasn't he?I understand what you are saying, but there are three flaws in your theory. 1) The guy wasn't exactly reaching for the gun to snatch it. He was probably nervous and pleading. Also he wasn't shot at that time, he was pushed back, aimed and shot. The moment he was shot at, he clearly did not present any clear danger. They could have easily cuffed him to subdue him, if their motivation wasn't to shoot him ultimately. This is apparent from the point when ranger points his gun directly on his face.the only forces that people can trust in Karachi is Rangers . I did cut the initial part but see the other full lenght videos and one gun and one piece of clothing is clearly visible in the start. The person in the start is carrying a TT and this TT is the most famous weapon of choice of dacoits in Karachi. I am not advocating his innocence or anything. But my Video was to state that Our Media is reactive and sometime tresspass Meida Ethics to make their news on the top of others .
    They have to respond to situations like these, otherwise even the real criminals would have no fear if they know that everyone is so much against the law and order, that they can do anything! I read somewhere which was truly said: "this poor guy (poor if he really was innocent) was in the wrong place at the wrong time", and the poor ranger (poor if and only if the victim was actually a criminal) was also at the wrong place at the wrong duty maybe.. These law enforcing agencies,.

    "poor ranger (poor if and only if the victim was actually a criminal)" Even if he was a criminal, his crime was to mug people. Since when there is a death penalty for robbery? So If I see, someone pick pocketing, is it okay for me to whip out a gun and shoot him? Today it was him, tomorrow it could be you, or someone you know. There is law for a reason. People like you and your thinking is what making Pakistan the shithole, it is now.

    Living in United States and commenting about situation in Pakistan is pretty easy. Robbers in Karachi have a death penalty for any citizen who tries to resist in a slightest manner. Every day people got killed in Karachi by these mobile snatchers and dacoits and there is not a single person in Karachi whose mobile is Not snatched by these hoodlums. Obviously Rangers did wrong but Someone have to Set an Example in Karachi so no Criminal would dare to rob or kill innocent people again.
    These soldiers deal with such incidents every day, 24/7.. maybe he was innocent but everyone aint! They have their lives hanging in the air already all the time, they are also human beings like us, they havent come from planet Mars, it cudve been possible that even you and me were recruited in the armed forces if it was in our destiny, its just the uniform that makes them different, beneath the uniform they are like you and me!
    I agree.We Crticize Soldiers and Policemen living in Our spacious homes. Imagine wearing that type of Suiting in Pakistan where temperature cross 45 C and u have to stand still in scorching sun for hours and police men duty usually crosses 18 hour bound and most of the soldiers live away from their families for months. We have to Respect these Soldiers But same is not True for Our Armed Forces Officers who are enjoying every amenities of life and doing Corruption as well..
    .. even if he was innocent he dint have to and he cudnt prove it right there then, and Rangers had to point their gun towards him so that hes scared and calms down, instead he was going into them more and more! And moreover, even when he felt the danger (the ranger) I think he shooted him in the leg (not wanting to kill him), but it hit his wrist and he started bleeding too much, thats what took his life. If he had to kill him he wouldve shot him in the head, he didnt!!!
    ... and the all media wud be all 0over on our Armed Forces talking about their inefficiency!!! This incident is brutal, I cudnt sleep for 2 nights after seeing this, but the SOPs for the victim should be that "if you have been caught, just surrender, put your hands in the air, or even lie down on the ground! and SOPs for the Police should be that never shoot an unarmed person unless you are forced to! The Ramgers had an idea what the guy was capable of, unlike us sitting here, he cud not...
    In this clip It is Obvious that Pakistani Armed Forces are far from what we call a Professional. Pakistani Army Professionalism is now a Question Mark. The PNS Mehran Incident where our Professional Commandoes have not been able to overthrow 4 Terrorists for 16 hours is a real Question mark of Professionalism. If Our Army Officers will run DHA and Bakeries then that type of Blunders should be very evident as Now our Officers are more interested in Business than in their Duty.I dont get our Media, our Govt. and our People; If the same incident had happened, and if the guy had pretended to plead and beg for mercy and snatched the gun from the Ranger and opened fire, and by the time the other rangers had killed him, he mustve killed a few with him too, Then you know what all of us wudve been debating on tv channels and blogs like these? "ohh 5 rangers cudnt handle a single criminal, they are not well trained they are useless theyre bla bla bla...Mairay Mulk day safi aur adeeb mairay mulk noo bachanday, Ref: Soch band song well sang, Salute to Pak Media for showing the truth.
    well since u abuse so comment have to be removed. Also if u loved ones ever be killed by the Boys like him who are just free to move in Karachi and they can kill anyone for a mere 500 rupees then u will think otherwise . Living in America and abusing like crazy is nothin . Come and live in Karachi and then i will say what u think But i Pray that ur loved one will face the reality sometime so that U stop Abusing like this.
    what the fuck ur trying to prove that 6 armed men and one unarmed man now desi i want u to go fusk ur self. agencies, are just responding the the fast changing scenario in the whole country! Just give it a thought, we always used to give a lift to someone standing on the road asking for a lift; and we would never do it now coz we are so scared of all the stories and criminals acts, atleast i dont give any stranger a lift in my car now! Nor do I expect anyone to give me if im standing the same way! Thats what it is like, the point is "Its Too Damn Scary out there now"!!!!!You are right. I have uploaded some Videos of Hasan Nisar and Najam Sethi and I was given a Personal message Recently on Youtube that my Days Are Numbered in Pakistan and I should close my Channel and in the second message that person told me that All Salman Taseer's Cult Members will be Killed in Pakistan and I was told that they will throw my Body in The Sea to Set me an Example for all the Moderates in Pakistan to shut up.So trust no one espacially our State Organizations.Bro Suddenly Pakistani people got urgency for the Rule of Law. All Pakistanis Are a Bunch of HYPOCRITES and Nothin else. Rule of Law is only for Poor in Pakistan. Where were all Pakistanis When Musharraf wiped all cases of Corrupt and Murderers including Rapists in Nartional Reconcilitiation Ordinance(NRO), Where were u When Our Politicians were becoming scoth free from Corruption Charges and Where were u When MQM kills innocent in Karachi on a daily Basis only on Ethnic Backgroound.also why not media showed one thing that in the start of the Video the guy was carrying a TT gotten by that innocent guyand TT is most famous in the dacoits like these and why the media never told that Guy was looting the women. Just come to Pakistan from America and then live in Karachi for some days and just get a good mobile and come on street and else will be done by these and i can bet u that they will kill u even for hundred ruppes and that is how things work here.
    I am trying to prove here one thing that media can Never be Trusted and Media is Totally Biased. What about the real innocent three people killed that day In Karachi based on ethnicity?. Since media is Always Biased to say anything against MQM so they did not gave any news about that. In Karachi scores are killed by that Political Party but the Media is Tight Lipped on it. Also Perhaps if ur loved one will be Killed by the dacoits like these then u can fell the pain and not now.
    2 TheRay789 Just tell me where were Samaa and Awaz tv and also Geo News when on the same day Three people got killed and i mean real Innocent on the streets of Karachi as a result of targer killing and everyone knows who did that. But since that party in Karachi is so Strong so no one covered that news and no one will ever cover that .This is how things work in Pakistan. Accountability for Some and for Some Free reigns. Free And Fair media is A mere Joke... A Biased Media Yes It Is.
    2 TheRay789 well again u missed the point altogether..DId u see my disclaimer that i am not siding with anyone at all. If u see the start of the vid which i cut it out then u see a TT in other vids and remember rangers have G3 and from where TT came media is not covering it at all. Also remember my Point is that the VIdeo is forged by Media and obviously they did it with some intention as it could not be done automatically at all and media should be held responsible that why they alter that clip.
    Jaago Muslamano jago ye hukumran nahi darinde hain Ab bhi agr hamain gairat na i to kab aai gi JAg Muslman Jag.
    Ok lets be fair on pakistan why not india media all the videos worldwide how muslims are butchered in there or in palestian or how the person who died who was civilian in uk and was shot more then 10 times in his head after 7/7 when they knew he was not terrorist but he looked like asian and was shot to dead and there was no justice ...SHOW IT if its not propaganda against pakistan!!!!!!!!
    yaar woh uski gun neeche karaha tha aur maafi mangra tha ke mujhe matt maaro...aapke mun pe koi gun rakhe to aap gun ko neeche karte huwe maafi nai maango ge?Bro SOPs means Standard Operating Procedures, Every Organization in the world have these. And ofcourse every major Organization in Pakistan have these as well. Just search on google and u could find multiple definitions and multiple SOPs all over the world that are followed and same is the case with our Armed forces as well.
    can i re-upload the video because i want this video without captions and notes??? and i'll mention your name...
    Everyone is free to reupload this video and dont need to mention my name as well. The intention is just to spread the message that we cannot trust Blindly any institution in Pakistan as Bad apples are in Every Organization and we as a nation collectiviely have to understand and should rectify our mistakes.its not only the media but actually we should Keep our eyes open in every manner and for every event of Pakistan. We cannot say that our Army is an Angel and they have huge problems as well and they are not truly Professional. Same is the case with our People and our Politicians. So keep ur eyes open for all the events in Pakistan and in unbiased manner and try to learn from mistakes and then we could be a Successful nation if we learn from our mistakes and Move on.
    U r right MRdesipak. this is another attempt to create hate against PAK ARMY. media manipulates the footage.. i m sure that most people dont know that he was saying that its a fake gun(y he was showing fake gun in a public park) y he was hiding his face if he wasnt a snatcher.. then he was going for a gun ( if i was a gun man what do u want me to do? stand there and let him take my gun??).. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we cant deal with snatchers any more.. this shud be an example for them.. GO RANGERS.
    U r right MRdesipak. this is another attempt to create hate against PAK ARMY. media manipulates the footage.. i m sure that most people dont know that he was saying that its a fake gun(y he was showing fake gun in a public park) y he was hiding his face if he wasnt a snatcher.. then he was going for a gun ( if i was a gun man what do u want me to do? stand there and let him take my gun??).. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we cant deal with snatchers any more.. this shud be an example for them.. GO RANGERS.
    THIS is so true. U r right who made the video... this is another attempt against our ARMY.. and in this clip the guys is hiding his face(y is he hiding his face if he wasnt a snatcher) then he said the gun is not real(y he was walking with a fake gun in a public park and showing it to people) then he went and tried to SNATCH the gunman's gun(even for pointing it down).. if i was the gun man i wud shoot him too.
    THIS is so true. U r right who made the video... this is another attempt against our ARMY.. and in this clip the guys is hiding his face(y is he hiding his face if he wasnt a snatcher) then he said the gun is not real(y he was walking with a fake gun in a public park and showing it to people) then he went and tried to SNATCH the gunman's gun(even for pointing it down).. if i was the gun man i wud shoot him too.Well Bro Not Exactly. I dont think so .Our Armed forces to be very honest are also very Irresponsible at times and They should be held accountable in every manner. Also in this Clip if the boy was going for the gun of the rangers which u see in Clip of Express news but in this Case Ranger DId not Follow a Professional Security Personal SOP. Standard SOP states that a Person must be warned like 'Hold it right there othwerwise u will be shot' but here Rangers did not warn him to stop.,,,Mr.hazarvi..I don't know, from where you are but...You don't have right to abuse any country just for one such incident...You Don't like Pakistan then stay away...but don't abuse.The so called edited 2 second clip actually demonstrate that the ranger was ready to fire on his legs and the young man was just trying to lower his gun not that he was trying to snatch the gun. Afala Ta'qilun? (And why do't you use your brain). Well whatever..My Point is that That Why It was Manipulated out of the whole Clip. Why Our Media Manipulate the scence. The point is not about guessing that who is right and who is wrong but the point is that Why they Cut a certain Scence is out of my Comprehension. Obviously they did it on some purpose and they should be asked that why Original VIdeo was forged. Media have no right to manipulate certain parts of news and proclaim themselves as Unbiased at all.
    Theif or no theif! They had no right to do what they did. If anyone argues against it then i think there is no meaning for us to have police, law, judiciary and a nooseman! If armed forces want to run each and everything then all other institutes should be disbanded and let fauji foundation run the country (which they are in a way already doing so) no wonder we are in dire straits. May allah save us from our own protectors.

    Bro You are right . But tell me bro why The Government who is not taking any Blame did not Ordered the Rangers to leave Karachi. Our Politicians are playing a doube game as well. They are not ordering Rangers to leave Karachi and using Soldiers for Law Enforcement which is unacceptable .You are right Army's Role is to Defend the Country and if it is Then Gov must Order all Rangers to Leave Karachi once in and For all and But i am Sure our Politicians will not do that.
    the act of killing is immoral and justice should prevail but our media is the cause of this problem which we all know our soo called free media was installed by mussharaf and gets foreign aid to run itself is trying to destabaliza pakistan...THINK HOW????? I kNOW IT BUT YOU SHOULD INDEPENDENTLY SEARCH OR EASY WAY IS READ PSYCHOLOGY. Well the ethical media is simply the one who see any event and just tell the world what is going on without making their own Opinion. In our Part of the World it is otherwise. Our news Anchors even have their own say in every news and like i said Have shown above that Media Personals are themselves Making a Masala by ommitting a small clip and this type of Journalism is a Botch to a Journalism.
  3. Beach Boys - I #Karachi #Pakistan #experiment #hdr | Flickr - Photo ( 3 Apr 2013 Hope, faith, disappointment... Beach Boys III #Karachi #Pakistan #experiment # hdr · Beach Boys I #Karachi #Pakistan #experiment #hdr
  4. Top 10 convent schools in Karachi for boys - WikiAnswers ( _Karachi_for_boys) Which are the top 10 schools in Karachi? 1. Karachi Grammer School 2.Convent of Jesus & Mary School ( for girls) / and (for guys) Bay View. Top 10 schools in
  5. Premier Government Boys College, (Morning) Block H, North ( Premier Government Boys College, (Morning) Block H, North Nazimbad, Karachi. SR. FORM ROLL NO. NAME MARKS 1 57031/409444 09 MUHAMMAD
  6. Pakistani Ranger's Shot and killed boy in Karachi!! - Indian Defence ( akistani-rangers-shot-killed-boy-karachi.html) KARACHI: Pakistani authorities say they are investigating paramilitary forces who allegedly shot and killed a teenage boy in custody in the
  7. Karachi Boys Groom Male - ( 3Dmale%26city%3Dkarachi) Brides male age between to Speaking, live in ,,karachi.

  8. Comments about this video:

    Brainwashing is a powerful word, but I see children as very impressionable so that when you are exposed to "24-7 Islam" or 24-7 anything you will be very influenced by your surroundings. The level of influence is only increased by the intentionality of institutions like madrasas to propagate their principles. I can definitely see madrasas as a places where you bond. It's unfortunate, however that the ideas accepted in some madrasas in particular can be so dangerous and destructive.

    very misleading video! These kids grow up to be the beacon of hope for Islam and Muslims around the world. Content and happy with life! Not as they've been misleadingly shown.
    why did they let the cameras in there at the first place...its all dramatic...the WAY they are showing this is so wrong.
    hahahahah ifdacar stfu your parents live across the street from the crest apts. in grand terrace CA 92313 and she kicked you out for smoking meth.

    hahahahah ifdacar stuf your parents live right across the street from dakota and kicked you out for smoking meth.
    Yo man Madrassas are a very cool place to be in! I mean i don't even care of what the on the west media shows about them but i know i didn't get any terrorist training. Best years of my life there!
    After researching this Documentary, I found a full true, version of this Documentary. watch the link below. just please put this on the youtube search: "2 Kids Sent to Karachi Pakistan Islam Madrassa Complete Story".
    After researching this Documentary, I found a full true, version of this Documentary. just please put this on the youtube search: "2 Kids Sent to Karachi Pakistan Islam Madrassa Complete Story". Yooo EVERY BODY I KNOW THESE KIDS PERSONALLY ALL NOOR AND MAHBOOB SAYING IS NOT WHAT THEY DO NOOR IS HAFIZ BUT IF U SEE WHO HE REALLY IS THAN ULL HATE WATCHING THIS VID. that makes me laugh!!!..what these kids are experiencing is home sickness..try asking a kid at the boarding school or may be a young boy at the army training,it's tough and many people don't like it...that doesn't at alll mean that jamia binoria should be portrayed like that..what a sorry attempt by mr.raza...what utter utter shame...Madrasa (Islamic institutes) in Pakistan are the best places to learn islam.. from all over the world people are joining these madrasas... Allah bless them.. Ameen. I'm totally agree with "M051B" that your are not from planet earth so shut the f**k up right now, you moron dont have any right to interfare in discussions of humans coz you are an alien, go back to your shitty hole or let me help you.
    I SERIOULSLY DO THINK that you are from "plannet8888" no wonder that's why your username is "planet8888", and you better go back to it u f***ing moron. you should consider your self lucky that u weren't alive at the time of hitler or else he would of crushed your backside in the deathchambers for being a GAY. by the way which religion do you follow any way????? Is it "idiotism" or "stupidism"? well they both suit you any way. so contineou with it. get lost and stop leaving stinking like this.
    Everyone thinks their madrasses are bad. Most of my friends are hufaz and they miss their madrasses very much. Even if your in the most expencive, most clean school, most of the kids will want to to miss class. it it because our parents snuggle us so much that we can't stay away from them for too long.People "fight you to revert from your religion" because your religion is dangerous to mankind and is based on jihad, bigotry, hatred, mysogeny, and violence. Yes, I'd read the Koran while living in Kuwait. It disgusts me. You conveniently leave out that your 2:256 verse is superceded later with verses calling for the deaths of apostates and to kill the infidels and Jews where you find them among you. Islam is the cancer of humanity. The coming WWIII will destroy it, God willing.
    i cant believe this coze our parents send us to read QURAN and as he said is really dirty there is no good i know everything about it..coze i stayed 3 years in hostel and what he said the teacher they will get better no no if u see them now u kant belive how they r now they r gud before but they lost everything about salam...and we r not the terrorist...
    I've been to many mosques and never have I seen that kind of filth in the washrooms. That's probably the media controlling people's minds to spread false information! And to those who say that Pakistan is forming terrorists, fuck you bastards! Take the time to understand the video. Even their principal says that these kids are only being taught the QURAN! On the other hand, due to the bad condition of life, some youngsters are suffering particularly the two American kids.hey common i live in Karachi its the truth. Specially the bathroom condition in madarsas. They even don't know the cleaning stuff that Islam tells us. If they knew it was not like that.this video is really made to blasphame Islam. the maker went with his sick and twisted mindset only. there are 80 americans studying there, he only got viewpoints of just 2, what about the rest. do you know how many people wish to study there from england. obviuosly he has no idea, let me tell you. I am from England and I have seen British kids practicing Islam better then pakistani kids. Only if Imran Raza goes to masjid more often in US. just go to any Tabligh Markaz in your home state.
    Where you read about life of Mohamed? Where do you read about chronology of Quranic "revelations"? Isn't it in Hadith! Actually you cannot understand Quran without Hadith.
    Typical American propaganda machine. Obviously, the makers went to the madrassa with an intention to make generally all the madrassas look bad. Why didn't they go to Darululoom Karachi , Jamiatur Rasheed, Jamia Farooqia etc. Where people from around the world actually beg-to-be-admitted. Obviously I've been in Jamia Binoria, and it does not have any good reputation (Unlike Jamia "BINORI TOWN", and I wonder why they didn't go there either).
    I can accept that there was some mix up with two madrasas, but the kids that were in some Pakistani madrasa were thought to be extremists. We've heard the statements of the kids that couldn't be made up. After all isn't the Qur'an and the Hadith the source of the terrorists? What about the folowing Hadith?
    Bukhari, volume 9, #57 Narrated Ikrima, "Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's messenger forbade it, saying, "Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire)."I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah's Messenger, "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.".
    sum kids neva learn nd yeaa i noe kids who went to pakistan to learn stuff they were twearkers out here pakistan helped em change demself.
    when i went back from the US to pakistan to visit, my parents house/bathroom/kitchen seemed dirty...even though i grew up there, it seemed uncomfortable at first cuz i was going from America (a first world country to a third world country ) ...this video is just taking random statements and putting it together to make it seem wrong!When you are young(age < 6-8) even 2 weeks away from home are rough, just adjusting to the different living settings, missing family, all adds to frustration, the movie just captured those comments in the beginning and blew it out of proportion. You can see, the kids are ok after a while as they have adjusted to the situation.
    their parents sent them there. and the reason they aren't teaching it in America is because they want an environment that is 100% Islam.

    it really seems that most of these stupid comments are completely immature and the people who are posting them have no idea what they're talking about. Imran made this documentary to open our countries eyes to what is actually going on in the world. the Muslims hate Americans and to them it is DEFINITELY about religion.

    Your the one to talk. Not all muslims hate americans at all, and nor is religion everything for all muslims.
    We gonna bring these kids back to USA, but who is going to change their corrupt parents who behave like senseless beasts.Pakistan is a lot cheaper and much effective for brainwashing. To be indoctrinate you have to listen and look the same every day.
    :S no specific country can be labled cheaper and much more effective at brainwashing people than another. Every country virtually does it. No need to blame any one country.

    You are right on that because there are different kinds of indoctrination. But Islamic indoctrination is very harmful for every society. Although all Islamic regimes are evil, some Islamic countries are horrible. Saudi Arabia and few other Islamic countries punish apostates with death and prohibit any organized religion. Islamic ideology is inspired by the devil and Muslims are indoctrinated its ideology!

    do ur research buddy we want nothin but peace nd yea abt dis islamic school out here in us we got christian schools catholic schools should i go make a videoo on dem kids nd post it out here? nd yea change da words like dis ppl did cuz 1 of da kid who spoke in dat video is ma friend ns hes here bak in united states so yea grow up buddy.
    Islamic ideology is simple bad. I will give you simple example. Bosnian Muslims are one of the best people in the world just because they do not care about Islamic teachings. Nevertheless, I have read an Islamic handbook for high schools in Bosnia that says that a Muslim should be punished in court for leaving Islam. Punishment for apostasy according to sharia law is death!
    aisa kia hai is vedio mein jo is ka back ground music itna khofnak hai.these r our sinceres who r organizing such madrasas god bless muslims evry where.

    wtf...just fuck on the west media...if one was to ever truly understand islam...we would not be beggers and slaves to the non-muslims but would have ruled like we did for more than a 1000 years over the world...
    I wish I knew where i could find this idiot imaran raza who made this video to make kuffar happy. For Dollar sake, thats what he belive, read the Quran and Sunnah...I bet he never probably touched the Quran in his entire life and making a video about Islam...what you know about Islam...nothing. this video is nothing ...nothing but full of lie...and a propoganda to make kuffar happy...May Allah give you place next to Obai bin Khalaf..and Abu Jahal...Ameen.
    Salaam bro. I totally agree with you. This Imran is trying to make Islam look bad and he calls himself a Muslim? Well first off, I will just say that I am no one to judge him and how 'good' of a Muslim he is. I am just saying that I agree with you. I don't know what his objective of his documentary is exactly, but it is DEFINITELY going to make those kuffars happy and that is NOT what we Muslims need! All I will say is that May Allah guide these people to the straight path. Ameen Salaam.

    Monthly Jihad Report June 2008 Jihad Attacks: 176 Countries: 17 Dead Bodies: 823 Critically Injured: 1195 Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace "He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause" Female suicide bombers kill 70 Iraqis in Kirkuk, Baghdad,India bombings kill 45, A third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing someone in the name of religion is justified, fourteen centuries of on-going Jihad.
    So, you think the Ku Klux Klan and the Spanish Inquisition are bad? So do we,but Put the Numbers in Perspective.More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined,Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years,More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland, go figure!!!How sad, and waste of time. They should have "done their homework." this video is totally bias, they don't show any proof of any sign of brain wash, besides their quotes of who "the real terrorists" are... if that is any proof at all.Other than that, this can run in parallel with schools children all over the world are sent to where they actually have to live in, and not return for a certain amount of time, or even years. And the film maker has the audacity to even call the father, or parents, naïve... what kind of parent would decline an offer to send their children to a very well educational school that strongly emphasizes on add to that, also a cheaper one right in their home country? That's common senesce, there are Jewish kids who are sent away in early ages to religious schools for a long period of time, so are Christian children in the same case. Then there are those children who are sent to Buddhist communities for a long period of time, and are unable to come home until that time is up.
    In the first couple of years, it's difficult... anything new for adolescents would be difficult for them to get used to. But as time goes by, they enjoy their stay there, and begin to see the true value of their long trip away from home. This documentary portrays these kids as being tortured, but what teenage wouldn't seem tortured after a short moment after leaving the comforts of their natural environment? I beleive the filmaker's the naive one.
    the crusaders were in response of muslims conquering the jews and christians sites, WWII the nazis and the muslims (Haj Amin Muhammad Al Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem)tried to exterminate the jews,Al Husseini found the Nazis to be a strong ideological match with his anti-Jewish brand of Islam, and schemed with Hitler and the Nazi hierarchy to create a pro-Nazi pan-Arabic form of government in the Middle East.The Nazis provided Al Husseini with luxurious accommodations in Berlin.yes, you're absolutely correct, the crusaders had foremost in their minds the welfare of their jewish brethren; that's whey the first crusade began with a massacre of a jewish population and ended with the massacre of both the jewish and muslim civilian population of jerusalem. i could say that al-qaeda is reacting to American imperialism, and so al-qaeda has every right to slaughter innocent civilians in the process. But that statement is almost as stupid as you.
    Just because you add irrelevant details to your post doesn't make it any more true. Because just now, i googled 'jew' and came across this beautiful website that would give you the impression that all christians 'schemed with hitler' for 'beautiful accommodations in Berlin.'you tried to insinuate that hate for jews is something inherent with all muslims and islam. Take your bullshit ideas somewhere else.
    then again, muslims and islamic terrorist are following the true teachings of mohammed and quran!! the religion of peace had committed more killings and murders than the nazis, KKK and IRA and until this day has not stopped ie Sudan!! ethiopia, somalia etc.. muslims always want to be the victims living in the 21st century with a 7th century mentality ie the west is still the crusaders!! i can show you using the same quran and hadiths where it said that islam is not a religion of peace!!The West has convoluted the issues it faces regarding Islam, all in the futile hope of empowering "moderate" muslims to regain control of the "religion of Peace." The fact remains that while there can be moderate muslims,no moderate Islam exists. True Islam,as espoused and perpetuated by Mohammad and his successors, is a misogynistic,divisive,intolera-nt,politically motivated belief system masquerading as a "religion." It imbues its naive adherents with a misplaced sense of moral superiority.
    "This world wasn`t made for us to enjoy life, it was made for us so that we could obey god." This life is just a test of a muslim`s piety,their unconditional,unquestioning submission to their god will bring its rewards in jannah. They sincerely believe themselves to be the "best of all peoples." The fruits of this ingrained supremacy has been tasted,and continues unabated by Maronites, Copts, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Jews,buddhists,hindus and all unbelievers. Truth will eventually out.
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  11. Comments about this video:

    the only way to end this madness is to destroy the world itself. Then God will decide where each of us belong.
    fu?? pakistani media show us a full video guyzz its a edited video the boy was frm a terrorist group called layari badri gang.
    All over the fucking world the police are the same. I give no sympathy when I hear of a pig being killed.
    *What's, with, *Go correct me, bastard. Go study you stupid fuck, even your spelling is killing me. Cheesy terrorist.6 or more with guns against 1 begging for his life and they shoot him. These Rangers are of the worse kind of murderers,Those being in a position of Power.
    many people have the authority and they think that they own the world do things without brain, without thinking. Those people should not be qualified to work with arm. They should not have a gun.
    This is not good to kill a person by Rangers or Police personnel like this even though, if he/she is a Robber or Thief or Militant or Hard core Terrorist , it should be investigated and then justice will be done and law should be taken by hands to kill a person . This is Barbaric Act to kill a person . Your Lord Allah will ask you in day of judgement why u kill a person . that time u will get appropriated punishment . i am highly sad to see a person lost his life .
    these mothafuckers aren't rangers they're sand niggers wearing shirts that say rangers. That doesn't make them rangers those shit heads are just "local police" thinking they're just as bad ass as the real american rangers.
    i think all of u are fucking retards. THERE ARE NOT RANGERS! THERE ARE TERRORISTS IN RANGERS CLOTHES. faggots.. -.-".
    this is sick they call they selfs a rangers chuck noris is pissed off right now... no rly this is raw fucking pussys no man do this only pussy.
    Talk by yourself idiot, "for all we know" he just had been killed on the most coward, unfair and stupid way possible. I don't wish it, but if u or some of ur familiars live the same situation u really deserve some stupid people saying "for all we know he could have committed a crime that carries the death penalty". I am a friend to the USA, but when I read some of the stuff they say on topics like this I can understand why the world has such little respect for the USA. I know the majority are good well educated people, but there is something wrong somewhere! Have some respect! A child is shot dead for a petty crime IN FRONT OF A TV CAMERA. This is what Obama will do. Get young kids to join his conscripted "civilian task force" to do shit like this once he disarms us.says the one behind his computer he kept coming at the soldier he could have a knife pistol a fucking bomb on his chest but god forbed someone stands up for this guy at least he shot him in the leg giving him a chance to live while terrorist come shoot you in the back o and incase you forgot thats who that "cowards" been protecting your ass from fucking immature people these days. I think i could continue living normal life after killing every person in the world like this...Really,i wouldn't mind.
    thoose are not us rangers! on the second hand this man asked for it ! and does anybody of you cocklicks know if this weren't RRA's? (riot amunition, non lethal made of rubber !) so shut the fuck up ! if you walk up to a soldier dont come closer than 1 meter and thats it!

    these are no fucking rangers...they are want a B,s they are not us rangers they need to make there own goddamn name.

    fuck you Ranger of shit,. come to Mexico Son of the Bitch,. i want to do the same thing to you Puto,. you thing you are a Super Man with a Gun on your Hands stupid Cup,... mother fucher Ranger,... come to my country(Mexico)..

    For a second I thought it meant U.S. Rangers, I'm relieved it's not them. First of all U.S. Rangers don't wear shirts that say Ranger in the back.
    all these sand niggers know is violence. maybe bc there mohammed was a false prophet who is still burning in hell.
    People are all hating on Muslims just because they killed someone. I admit it's fucked up but no reason to call them terrorists or something. What about all the fucked up things white people did to black people? Huh you dumb fuckers! Fuck white people!!!
    i think salty seadog is saying "obamas america" means all the guns will only b held by the government so all civilians will b unarmed and helpless against the corrupt goverment.He obviously was redirecting the barrel away from him in self was a hostile interaction to which the victim posed no threat.If we lose our gun rights here,you will experience these encounters first hand.
    i am sorry. but from what i see the "boy" didnt stay back and went to the gun and touch it all the time. and that my friend is really agressive.
    Lol are you an asshole? ( Yes you are), if he goes to the gun maybe it's because he know the rangers will shot so he try to mercy him. no im not. im just saying the mistake that the boy did. the ranger was an idiot for shoting him. but think of the situation from the ranger point of view. and the boy did wrong touching the gun and trying to move away from him.
    NO! " think of the situation from the ranger point of view " The victim looks like a citizen ann not a soldier, when he was touching the gun it wasn't to disarm him but to implore him. I don't know the situation I talk about what I see here.
    again. im not saying that the ranger is right. im saying that the boy was agressive with the gun thing... he should stay back and try nothing. that may be better and make him be alive right now. if you dont belive me. go ask your local officer what you have to do when someone try to move your gun away from you.thats why you need to arm the people if they ban guns what the fuck cops/army going to use huh? they're going to stop you with sticks and rocks no the people wont stand a chance with there gov. Yes, he could have.Everyone was in the wrong here. There were how many of them? Tackle the guy and put him away.It was a needless death.
    The USA murders innocent women children and suspected al-qaeda militants with unmanned drone attacks in foreign countries on a daily basis. The US government are now seeking to extend this kill list to allow killings of adults & children who have not yet but might possibly pose a terrorist threat in the future. They also want to expand this law so it covers the US itself so they can legally murder anyone anytime without a fair trial or presenting any evidence. Don't believe me check the news!!!
    Pakistan is so corrupt that even our rangers have started killing innocent people... Karachi is one of the most developing cities through out Pakistan these rangers can be very useful for protection of tourists but instead even our people are not safe! seriously I can not stand my hometown being screwed up like this we need to fight against this injustice first the killing of two brothers in Sialkot now this tragedy I curse these rangers & fuck Rahman Malik. This is in Pakistan, why do you people think they are Americans ??? not that they any better but still they are Pakistan animals ...
    animals . when they think they can do what they like . and this is some of the scum that are coming to your country . unbelievable pricks ...
    The kid should not have moved forward and tried to grab the gun. Even still he's surrounded by douchebags and they outnumbered him and had control. What was the reason shooting this kid other than stupidity. the boy is stupid why walk and try to grab the gun, sit down and everything will be ok now it's dead but i don't giva fuck. Why does foreign troops in the middle east like these guys seem so unprofessional? Just look at how they handled it, so sloppy.
    unfortunately this is how our world has been turned to. Kids getting killed in the middle east has been almost routine since the US occupied Iraq, just a few weeks ago it was leaked a report where the US Gov. granted permission to soldiers to kill anybody they think might be a risk to the US, and they killed a teenager son of an alleged Al Qaeda leader, fearing he might seek revenge. And there has been reports of schools and school buses full of kids bombarded by the US troops, really sad.
    guys that guy must have given up when the rangers asked him to and not grab the rangers gun, shooting was excessive but we can find fault with the officer. i think they shot him in the leg only, can see him alive at the end of the video, don understand what they are saying in the video did they kill him later on ?this is stupid because they are killing one of their own guy resident citizen, then subtrack 1 man, they are less strong and powerfull now. I am a Ranger these are no Rangers real Rangers would never ever dishonor them selfs with a kill like that! Rangers Honor on that!!!! Coming from Ranger George Class 5-89 3rd bat reg recon woooo aaaa!!!!!!!!! Those are want to be Rangers lol that's all no way those Rangers!
    bunch of pussies .. killing an an armed dude like that .. and retarded too.. in front of the cameras ... stupid .. ignorant .. trash people ...

    bagami as pula in gura voastra v as rade de pe fata pamantului de animale si v as arde de vii mai rau ca hitler pe evrei ardeti maimutoilor ardeeeeeeeti sper sa traduce ti msg asta futuva n gura de tigani borati.

    Yep. Behind many wars, killing and violence there are very often religion or a strong opposite view behind those events. So many wars have done cause of religions. I think faitless people can be most peaceful people in the world. Where do you believe in? Christian? Alot of wars (crusaders) fighten and tens of thousands children taken for slaves and then killed inunder names of christians. Islams, Jewishs, they've caused wars also. I think there isn't religions which havent caused a war.
    Faithless people. Like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao. Those who bought us the evils of Nazism and Communism/Socialism. Killed MILLIONS. Christians did not start the crusades, Roman Catholics did. Many thousands of Christians were murdered brutally by the Roman Catholic cult.Hitler and those people on crusade were christians. Big question is that did they make those horrible things because of religion? Did they use religion to mask true motives? Same goes with Stalin.Dreckiges feiges pack !!! Deshalb wird dieses Land nie Anerkennung finden, weil eine Kuh einen höheren Stellungswert hat als ein Mensch.
    That has nothing to do with religion. It can not be that a law enforcement officer does what he wants. But this is like all over the world, corruption, money is more important than man. The mills of God grind slowly but they grind. Such people will burn in hell. Condolences to the family. RIP.
    Fucken sand niger ranger Niger bitches I would slowly tie you upside down and get a straight razor and skin your ass cheeks and rip them off!!!,then after I would say WHY SO SERIOUS?...WHY SO SERIOUS!!! LET PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!!BUT at least their jails aren't packed like ours in the USA. WE are too lenient on our criminals...yes though this is sad.
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  21. Comments about this video:
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  74. March 10, 2014. 14 Years Old Girl Raped by Four Boys in Karachi, Police Arrests ( Mar 7, 2014 14 Years Old Girl Raped by Four Boys in Karachi, Police Arrests Three Boys. 14 Years Old Girl Raped by Four Boys in Karachi, Police Arrests 
  75. March 11, 2014. Karachi Boy Restaurant - Mississauga, ON | Yelp ( issauga) 1 Review of Karachi Boy Restaurant "Probably one of the worst names ever sounds like "Crotchy Boy" this place serves up one of the best cheeseburgers I've  
  76. March 12, 2014. Karachi Boys (karachi_boys) on Twitter ( The latest from Karachi Boys (@karachi_boys). I LOVE KARACHI !
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  79. March 15, 2014. Best Schools in Karachi for Boys and Girls - GoTest.Pk ( schools-karachi-boys-girls/) Best Schools in Karachi for Boys and Girls. If you are looking for a school for your child's best grooming, than take a look at our list of best schools in Karachi 
  80. March 16, 2014. Gays of Karachi | Facebook ( Looking for someone Under 20 to 30 from Karachi just only good friendship... Here 24. Plz only under 20 to 30 boys inbox me numbers with real pic n add me 
  81. April 2, 2014. Karachi Boys (karachi_boys) on Twitter ( The latest from Karachi Boys (@karachi_boys). I LOVE KARACHI !
  82. April 3, 2014. Government Polytechnic Institute (Boys) Landhi Karachi ( Government Polytechnic Institute (Boys) Landhi-3 Karachi. Offers 3 years Diploma of Associate Enginering Program (DAE) in Morning and Evening Shifts.
  83. April 4, 2014. 14 Years Old Girl Gang Raped by Four Boys in Karachi, Police ( -raped-by-four-boys-in-karachi-police-arrests-three -boys) 7 Mar 2014 14 Years Old Girl Gang Raped by Four Boys in Karachi, Police Arrests Three Boys.
  84. April 18, 2014. Map from Mama Parsi Girls High School to bvs boys school karachi ( -Girls-High-School-to-bvs-boys-school-karachi/MapHi story/4186480.aspx) Map from Mama Parsi Girls High School to bvs boys school karachi.
  85. April 19, 2014. Karachi Boys (karachi_boys) on Twitter ( The latest from Karachi Boys (@karachi_boys). I LOVE KARACHI !
  86. April 20, 2014. Government Polytechnic Institute (Boys) Landhi Karachi ( Government Polytechnic Institute (Boys) Landhi-3 Karachi. Offers 3 years Diploma of Associate Enginering Program (DAE) in Morning and Evening Shifts.
  87. April 21, 2014. Girls and boys of karachi Karachi - Arts Jobs - Entertainment Jobs ( hi/c-257) FOR BOYS SOLDIER BAZAAR& FOR GIRLS GULSHAN_E_IQBAL KARACHI FASHION WEEK We Need Male Female Models For (KFW) & Our Up-Coming ...
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  90. May 3, 2014. Three Boys Killed in Pakistan Blast ( istan-blast/1902478.html) 28 Apr 2014 Authorities say the explosion Monday in the southern city of Karachi killed three boys between the ages of eight and 12. Several other boys ...
  91. May 4, 2014. Karachi Boy Restaurant - Mississauga, ON | Yelp ( ssauga) 1 Review of Karachi Boy Restaurant "Probably one of the worst names ever sounds like "Crotchy Boy" this place serves up one of the best cheeseburgers I've  ...
  92. May 5, 2014. SHYLC opens to groom youth of underprivileged areas of Karachi ( h-of-underprivileged-areas-of-karachi/) 4 Mar 2014 Karachi: The young boys of underprivileged areas like Sultanabad and Hijrat Colony can do wonders if their energies are channelized towards ...
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  95. May 8, 2014. Contact Directory - University of Karachi ( ... Faculty of Science; Finance, Audit, Accounts; Foreign Students' Advisor; Gate numbers; Guard office; Hostel (Boys); Hostel (Girls); Landscape & Gardening ...
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  105. August 5, 2014. Health care utilization during terminal child illness in squatter ( METHODS: From seven squatter settlements of Karachi, with a population of 100,000 ... were completed for 259 infant and child deaths of which 57% were boys.
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  109. August 9, 2014. karachi boy - Emo Boys Photo (36351469) - Fanpop ( 9/title/karachi-boy-photo) muneeb baraqua submitted by mrdemonemoxx 36351469.
  110. August 10, 2014. Govt. boys comprehensive High School Azizabad Karachi | LinkedIn ( ive-High-School-6683899) 2 May 2014 Its high standard and discipline among other educational institutions of Karachi. It was established in June 1971.
  111. August 11, 2014. Police rescue 50 boys from Karachi madrassah dungeon - Telegraph ( stan/8953925/Police-rescue-50-boys-from-Karachi-mad rassah-dungeon.html) 13 Dec 2011 Police have rescued more than 50 boys, some in shackles, from a warren of rooms beneath a madrassah in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi.
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  113. August 13, 2014. In Karachi, a unique celebration of the World Cup - (,-a-uniqu e-celebration-of-the-World-Cup/) The residents of Siddiq Goth, in Karachi's Malir district, don't care about cricket. The boys aren't debating whether Wasim was better than Waqar. Here, politics ...
  114. Colleges in Karachi with Address, Phone or contact number and 

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